A 24-inch AOC monitor that doubles as a gigantic Android tablet

What can you do with 24 inches of Jelly Bean that you can’t do with 10? Manufacturers like Acer, Asus and ViewSonic have been building oversized Android-powered devices for a couple years now; I was determined to find out why, so I spent a few weeks with AOC’s own all-in-one. The hybrid external monitor will run you $370 on Amazon — more than twice what you’ll pay for a comparable 1080p screen — but this pricier model adds stock Android 4.2.2 with a touchscreen interface. With the tap of a button, the integrated quad-core processor and eight gigs of storage spring into action, effectively converting this otherwise ordinary monitor into a complete Android-powered machine. There’s even an integrated 720p webcam, and with stock Jelly Bean on board, you can install whatever apps you’d like from Google Play.


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